fleeky flanco (fleeky) wrote,
fleeky flanco

other lines of work ..

i had a dream last night that my parents were trying to convince me of getting into other lines of work..

you know i think if i could i would just build ridiculously large things ...

the world does not have nearly enough super ultra gigantic things.. im fucking talking about miles high motherfucker.. i want to be stroke my fingers on the stratosphere..

i think the first thing i would want made would be a 10 mile high swing with a 9.8 mile rope . .. yes ive seen them in parks the big giant mega swings .. but this would be just a swing and some harnesses .. lkl;askfjas;dlkj it would be so awesome.. its a good thing im not a billionaire because i would spend my money fast on bullshit like this..

you know why do scientist get all the fun when it comes to big ass motherfucking government spending ? maybe i could employ some scientist and there funding to make it as an experimental use of some fancy materials ...
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