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blar ralb

http://www.humbead.com/circus/showcase06/opening/pages/DSC23708.html <-- dark pic .. im not even in a full handstand yet, you can see sorta that im still straddling up .. and that my arms are still not fully straight .. but its the only picture that shows how high i am :( there was another of the lever on 5 chairs .. but sadly its a closeup :(

http://www.humbead.com/circus/showcase06/opening/pages/DSC32257.html <--cant see much really

http://www.humbead.com/circus/showcase06/sunday/pages/DSC32871.html <-- yay block drop on 4 chairs !

http://www.humbead.com/circus/showcase06/sunday/pages/DSC32868.html <-- i think i look like a gerbin and tomcruise put together in this picture..

i just got done training with oleg the handbalancer today he is so cooooolll, i try to keep my composure around him but i cant help but overrespect be in awe of him and his skill and ease it is so beautiful to me i cant handle it .. i get teary eyed thinking about how kind he has been to me letting me come backstage and train during his show and whenever he had free time he would come and try to help me with my form he is SO AWESOME !
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