fleeky flanco (fleeky) wrote,
fleeky flanco

music to perform to ?

autechre ,,

reniform pulse (the pulse soundssss, oddness)
arch carrier (godamn that song)
low ride (super smooth)

goz quarter (hip smooth)

dropp (sad lingering caustic, fighting back)

vl al 5 (scatter brained , walking in the street thinking about different things)

chichli (show off weirdness, hopefull, warm and fuzzy)

Drane (ambient, slow build, not flashy at the beginning and slowly building.)

Milk Dx (uber on drugs, super up and down motions, surreal)

second peng <-- this the one i heard in mike's car(ohhhhhh yeaassss,, sinister , dark , pounding your face in with the basss, spooky ghosts scaring you at night, very dramatic, and then coming in to wake up with a bright light and a screamm, introducing you to a new world)

second scout (someone with a strong presence, and someoen with a sly feminine presence.. and then they join to make something odd.. )

second peng (innocent intro into showing you some awesome shit, then ongoing, slow build)

yulquen (serene, like water ripples seen through something vibrating .. with water drops, ambient good one for doing a very slow act.)

montreal (kinda low down and dirty , and then working into pretty show and tell? good lead ups in this song)

ofcourse gescom keynell (mix1)(slow awakening, followed by kalisthenics, then on to the main course, almost a little demure at first not showing everything off and slowly showing more.. )

for this one tomorrow you really just have to believe in the showing off , and being demure and taking your time. everything else will work itself out)

keynell 03 (nose to the floor , then being pulled up by something that is controlling you, , like a snake being pounded to death and feeling death playing a flute to charm it away into the afterlife.. once the snake is there it becomes something else besides a snake it transforms into something you cant imagine and that is its beauty is it is beyond you, this act would be slow and beautiful, letting the fast percussions wash over you and the audience to exentuate your slow movingness)

keynell 01 (1 minute of beginning , then a slow build, robotic arm sounds .. robot clap.. and then a creature enters that is completely not robotic and it starts assimilating the robots.. after that things are completely destroyed and from the ashes one robot that glitches is trying to escape the rubbel and crying for help, but then the same creature that tried to assimilate the robots rises out of the rubble effortlessly and gracefully,, this creates the robots first emotion fear/panick otherwise known as fanick. and then wonderment at the creture .. )

gescom - tangle III (robot slaves and there daily lives.. the infinitelwork drum going on all the time .. calculating is a hard job .. and then you get to eat dinner and wake up the next day)
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